KEYSTONE by IQ Commercial

Keystone takes future proofed and flexible furniture another step forward due to its innovative and reconfigurable design.

Keystone’s intelligent agility comes from a central nervous system which acts as a foundational support for the entire office. Its unique modular design allows users to experience office furniture in a truly flexible way.

Keystone serves up a “kit of parts”. An inventory of interchangeable components or “ingredients” which can be combined and reconfigured into various “recipes”, adapting to the changing needs of a business. It maximises the investment while minimising the need for labour intensive asset management.


The same components or “ingredients” offer a selection of settings, from single user focus to team and social layouts – however it is you need to work, Keystone has already thought of it.

Keystone delivers a solution that supports our modern way of working and curates spaces that encourage users to feel at their most productive. It’s a platform for collaboration, social, private and focused work.





Productivity lives in the space between promoting collaboration and providing vital quiet spaces.


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Eco-friendly materials – Reconfigurable for re-use & compact for shipping

Patent-pending design – World-leading technology & Kiwi ingenuity

Designed & manufactured in NZ – High-quality, low VOC materials & durable for frequent reconfiguration



Keystone Recipe Book

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