IQ Focus Pods

IQ Pods are a destination touch down point designed to absorb mid range frequencies and act as an enclave of privacy for occupants in an open floor plate.

The IQ Focus Pod is designed by Christopher Metcalfe and forms a destination point in a floor plate.
It has been developed in collaboration with award winning firm Revolution Fibres, and it features Nanofibre. Nanofibre is an acoustic substrate designed to enhance the absorptive features of the soft walls that make up the Focus Pod. The Pod uses thousands of layers of Nanofibre in a proprietary composite, the unit aims to improve passive acoustic performance in the mid frequency ranges associated with voice related sounds.
The Focus Pod has internally routed cable management and power and data solutions built into the work surface. The pods are able to be customised, IQ do have an excellent range of standard options to select from as well. There is the Return Focus Pod, Short Tail Focus Pod, Long Tail Focus Pod and the Task Focus Pod. They also have a standing height option, the Exchange Task Pod, it keeps you healthy and focused!

Work free from the distractions that come with working in a modern and open plan workspace.


More photos of IQ Focus Pods.

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