Fern Chair

A New Movement - Easy, natural, and unhindered. Fern is in tune with your every move.

We’ve got your back!

Inspired by nature, Fern provides new levels of balance, flexibility, and performance. Designed from the center, it puts people at the center of work.

Sit Well

Fern accommodates the diverse working population with new levels of all-day comfort, regardless of size, posture, or work mode. Research-driven, Fern’s ergonomic innovations provide total back support and respond to your every movement.

Work Well

With Fern, more comfort means less distraction.  As you move or change posture, Fern works with you, not against you, so you can stay focused on the tasks at hand.  With no hard outer frame, Fern has a soft and pliable edge that won’t jar you or limit your movement.

Feel Well

Fern provides a comfortable, engaging sitting experience that creates good feelings, keeping you balanced and centered in your chair.  Its approachable design is less machine, more human, with mechanics discreetly integrated into the warm, residential aesthetic.

Fern offers a full complement of ergonomic adjustments that are easy to find, reach, and use. The ability to fine-tune for comfort and fit is especially important for longer-term, focused work.

Fern’s Wave Suspension™ system is the heart of the chair and the key to its back comfort and flexibility.
From all appearances, the back looks simple, but inside is a high level of science, engineering, and innovation.

Inspired by the masterful design of a Fern, the Stem is a centered spine that supports a series of Fronds that extend like leaves.

Each Frond is calibrated to support a different area of the back, from the thoracic (upper back) to the lumbar to the pelvic areas. Back support is as constant as a person’s movement.

The Cradle overlays the Fronds and Stem, working in concert with them for effortless support. The Cradle is supported by the Stem-and-Fronds structure, not a hard outer frame. As a result, Fern’s Infinity Edge™ is soft and pliable for an edgeless comfort experience. Nothing interferes with movement to create discomfort and distraction.

  • Up to 38% recycled content and up to 95% recyclable
  • Designed to meet a wide range of global seating requirements
  • Designed to accommodate 5th percentile female to 95 percentile male
  • 11 Mesh Colours
  • 3 Plastic Trim Colours
  • 4 Aluminium Base Colours

Unlike what you've seen. Unlike what you've felt.


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Resources & Specifications


Overall Height | 1054mm-1194mm
Overall Depth | 724mm
Overall Width | 737mm
Seat Height | 419mm-546mm
Seat Width | 505mm
Arm Height | 170mm-292mm
Seat Depth | 394mm-470mm

Indent Item | Lead Time 8 – 10 Weeks


Standard Features
127mm Pneumatic seat-height adjustment | 419mm – 546mm
Adjustable tilt-tension
11 mesh colors | 3 trim colors
Plastic base (black or fog)
Synchronized tilt mechanism
12 year 24/7 use warranty

Optional Features
Fixed, height-adjustable or 4D arms | 170.18mm – 292.10mm H
Height-adjustable lumbar | 101.6mm
Aluminum base (painted or polished)
Seat-depth adjustment | 76.2mm
Multiple position back stop
Forward tilt
Low position base | 365.76mm – 444.50mm H


Fern Ergonomic Review & Certification.pdf Fern Product Information Sheet.pdf FERN Seating Adjustment.pdf Promoting Back Health.pdf Fern Specifying Finishes.pdf

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