Air3 Pods by Orangebox

The Air3 Acoustic Pod range is an advanced, moveable room system that provides free standing meeting rooms, private space, phone booth and touchdown rooms.

The materials, fittings and unique roof solution make this the most comprehensive relocatable pod system in the marketplace today.

Air3 Pods


The aesthetic design of Air3 is a combination of high quality glass and soft acoustic panelling, creating a greater level of insulation and speech privacy.

An internationally patented opening roof system featuring an advanced fire safety system has been developed to cater for sprinklered office environments and buildings. Air3 is a moveable pod solution; this room system is demountable and therefore can be relocated, re-positioned and fully re-used.

There are 17 standard Air3 pods providing a variety of curved, square, small and large private meeting rooms. The Air-20 mini pod is a particular new addition specifically designed to provide high quality private space or phone booth for a single person who needs it for a few hours.

  • A fixed meeting room complete with power, air circulation/HVAC, lighting, acoustic treatment that is fully fire compliant and has council consent could cost your business up to $50k to build as a standalone investment or $40k if it forms part of a new build or fit out
  • 8-10 weeks to complete a room this size and if it’s an addition to an existing office you need to manage disruption to staff or incur the cost of afterhours work and coordinate all trades and services involved in the project
  • If business needs change and the meeting room needs to be removed this can take up to 2 – 3 weeks and you need to manage workflow disruption, trades and how to best dispose of the materials mindfully

Air3 Pods eliminate these challenges completely.

  • It takes 5 hours to build a completely self contained meeting room. No nailing, painting, plastering, electrical work or heat pump installation. It can move within your space and the investment moves with you to future tenancies.
  • If an Air3 Pod needs to be relocated within a current tenancy, we’ll be in and out in 3 hours. At the same time we can adjust the size of the Pod due to its modular design.
  • There is no making right at the end of a tenancy, or the necessity to dispose of materials

Why Build Walls? When you think about it logically it makes no sense...

Client Spaces featuring Air3 Pods by Orangebox

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NZ Post - Wellington

ASB - National Project


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Resources & Specifications


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Power, lighting, and a patented louvered roof
Louvered Roof Pods are fire compliant
No council consents are required
Seismic bracing kits supplied as standard
Sound Masking
Wood & Fabric Finish Options
Double Glazed & Writeable Glass Options
Take back program


Air3 Brochure Fire Certificate White paper - why build walls? Dimensions / size options

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