Strait Shipping – Wellington

Strait Shipping needed to move out of their current building to allow for seismic restraint upgrades, it required relocating 17 staff for 3 years.

The project required sensitivity when transitioning the staff as they were moving from individual offices with corner workstations to an open plan setting with straight desks.

Based on the Architects plans, we were able to offer a single desk model to maintain a sense of quiet for each staff member and utilized the screens to provide an element of privacy. The workstations featured corporate colours on the accent panels to integrate branding to the interior design.

The project for Strait Shipping had an element of urgency in terms of time frame, the lead time for delivery and installation was 2 and a ½ weeks. Haworth by Europlan met the deadline successfully.

Intuity is designed with a long-term outlook and lets users to make the most of their space, its future proofing allows Strait Shipping to grow and reconfigure into numerous possibilities with ease. When Strait Shipping relocates back into their original premises, Intuity can be put together to meet any changing business needs.

Haworth by Europlan worked with Strait Shipping to supply Intuity workstations with screens, EZ65 Chairs, Integ Monitor Arms and Tambour Storage units with Planter Boxes.

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