Kendons Chartered Accountants – Christchurch

When Kendons, a Chartered Accountancy Firm wanted to create open work space in their Christchurch office, Haworth by Europlan were set to task to produce a collaborative and team based working environment.

Kendons wanted to reduce the number of offices and integrate their people into a more organic and communal floor plate.

At inception, their focus centred around 90 degree desking configurations, after subsequent consultation with the Haworth by Europlan team, Kendons opted for the Intuity system in a lineal format.

Intuity and its associated products were able to completely support what they wanted to achieve. We used Integ Monitor Arms to elevate screens for efficient use of desktop space, the Intuity caddy was chosen to provide at desk personal storage and screens were used to create a positive work focus for the team. The Haworth EZ65 chair was selected for its solid ergonomic features alongside what it offered economically.

Corporate colours were incorporated into the Screens, the internals of the storage and the accent panels on the Intuity desk frames. This allowed Kendons to celebrate their brand in the design of their new space.

We’re happy to report that the team have provided great feedback on the set-up and confirm that is has indeed provided a collaborative and team focused environment, thus bringing Kendons vision to fruition.

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