Ceres Organics – Auckland

We began working with Ceres Organics in December 2012; the initial engagement involved a consultative process to create a workplace strategy for their new building.

As our partnership progressed with Ceres, it became apparent that we needed to not only provide furniture solutions but also help them facilitate a change management program with the staff. This was a critical element of the move as Ceres decided to change their office footprint platform from individual offices to an open plan and agile workplace.

In order to achieve alignment between business goals and the requirements of the people moving into the new space we bought in specialists and consultants to help facilitate the changes occurring in the space and culture of the organisation.

We outsourced the change management to Stella Green of Be Confident based in Auckland, Be Confident Change Consulting specialises in property based change management with practical communication strategies for growth.Kaj Helstrand, Haworth’s Workplace Strategy Director worked with our filing and storage specialist, Glennis Bates on understanding and defining the client requirements in their transition from personal at desk storage to shared neighbourhood storage.

Ceres operates as an Organic entity therefore we required robust sustainability and quality accreditation’s for our products and processes. Our ability to meet the standards was one of the reasons we were successful in gaining Ceres’ business. All products were manufactured and installed to ISO:9001 and ISO:14001 standards and all products exceeded sustainability requirements and objectives.

Delivery and installation took place in September 2013 and ran smoothly. We are continuing to work with Ceres on additional furniture requirements and to assist in maintaining the change management program post occupancy.

We created a pilot floor plate for the furniture which was hugely successful in gaining engagement of the staff and creating excitement about the new building and the changes in the way they would be working.

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