With 5 sites Nationwide, occupying over 9000 sqm’s and housing over 900 Residents, BizDojo is the largest Coworking Space operator in New Zealand.

They are in the process of delivering additional sites throughout New Zealand allowing them to achieve expected growth to 4,000 residents nationwide.

Haworth by Europlan is the National Furniture Partner and single source supplier for BizDojo and has been since 2014.

This unique and symbiotic partnership provides space to test how our products function in a live environment.  These Coworking showrooms feature open plan workspace, bookable and free range meeting spaces, and conference and event facilities.

They showcase the design and clever engineering behind Haworth by Europlan’s furniture platforms and highlight our specialised offer of workplace strategy and the ability to workshop a space that is still in the early phases of inception.

This partnership has seen our Wellington and Christchurch Teams work full time from BizDojo spaces and use them as live showrooms, with the added benefit of ongoing support to the partnership.

The BizDojo business model is completely agile and intends to disrupt the traditional office and the ways a business manages its corporate real estate. The spaces are designed to attract the innovative, tech and creative business sector and form an eco-system of activity based working environments intended to unleash potential.



How do we add value to the partnership?

We act as specialists and advisors to BizDojo when it comes to space planning and furniture selection. They are the first to experience new ways of working and the first to test new products as we bring them into the spaces. Haworth by Europlan places much emphasis on seeking out and sharing knowledge. BizDojo spaces benefit from this as our learning about workspaces evolves.

What has worked well?

The furniture selection and supply are one of the key pillars that underpin the success of these spaces. It works well because it’s attractive, agile and reconfigurable. The products meet the budget requirements of the BizDojo and because of the flexible nature are interchangeable across all sites and furniture can be redeployed based on need.

The Orangebox Air3 Relocatable Meeting Pods located in the Wellington space have been redeployed around the floor plate over half a dozen times as we’ve reconfigured the space to manage growth and meeting room requirements.

The layout and furniture promote spontaneous collisions as the residents move around the space. The spaces are largely free from fixed barriers, which make collaboration straightforward and accessible.

Our capacity to trial products in the spaces has meant BizDojo have a well researched and tested core range of furniture to apply as a template throughout their sites. Because of the flexible nature of the products, they can be positioned and tailored to meet the requirements of each site individually. The idea is not a one size fits all approach but a solution that at its core supports the space goals of BizDojo.



The approach to managing acoustics!

Managing acoustics in large open plan work spaces requires a savvy approach to noise solutions, particularly when you add fully functioning kitchens with Espresso Machines. BizDojo have bought their own ideas and blended them with Haworth by Europlan solutions and collectively we’ve adopted the following solutions to successfully manage noise pollution in these spaces:

  • Haworth by Europlan Quiet Revolution and Air3 Pods, both contain acoustic treatments and technology. They are used to house skype and noisy calls in appropriate spaces and to ensure that the noise doesn’t transfer into work areas nearby
  • Plants – not only is there a psychological and emotional benefit between humans and plants, they also act as noise absorption and help to direct sound
  • BizDojo sites all utilise music to create sound masking
  • Acoustic treatments on ceilings, meeting room walls and in acoustic carpet tiles
  • Acoustic Soft Seating in high traffic areas and in social spaces – this stops noise transferring into focused areas
  • Strategically placed locker formations and mobile whiteboards

What products have we used?

As the single source supplier to BizDojo we not only provide the below products, we also supply Picture Frames, Artwork, Lighting, Arcade Games, Refurbished Seating and Vintage Solutions.

  • Tidal Desk | Electric Height Adjust Sit to Stand
  • Task Seating
  • Active Seating Solutions
  • Intuity Fixed Height Benching
  • Activity Based Working Lockers
  • Leaners | Cafe Tables | Cafe Seating
  • Away From The Desk Soft Seating
  • Focus Pods
  • Quiet Revolution Single User Skype Pods
  • Meeting Booths and Pods
  • Acoustic Treatments
  • Air3 Pods – Relocatable Meeting Rooms
  • Flexible Event Space and Meeting Room Furniture

How have we project managed the delivery of spaces nationwide?

Our partnership began in 2014 and over that time we have applied our standard project management procedures to all sites.  Haworth by Europlan has a sound yet simple methodology in place to manage projects. This methodology has scalability, and will be adapted to suit the size and complexity of the project.



The Haworth by Europlan Project Team for BizDojo are:
Project Lead – Helen Dennis | Project Manager – Paul Clucas | Project Support – Jenessa Georgica

Photo credit – Mark Scowen | Mark Scowen Photography





The future of work is social - BizDojo

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