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We’re often asked how much of product offering is NZ made or designed.

We are locals ourselves and have a well established history of manufacturing in New Zealand so we are vocal for local and work alongside many NZ designers and manufacturers.

Our partnership with Haworth has broadened our product portfolio and given us access to global services and knowledge, yet it’s important for our domestic market to recognise the work Haworth does within NZ with our design and innovative community.

Haworth has always seen placed great importance in supporting local talent in the regions it operates in and it’s bought about the creation of the Haworth xFriends platform. XFriends is a launch pad that offers the best and brightest talent in thought leadership and design, the opportunity to leverage Haworth’s global capacity to showcase their product on the world stage.

Haworth supports New Zealand designers and fabricators by providing access to wider markets and by combining their products with the Haworth after sales service programmes.

We think that the best ideas will come from everywhere; the xFriends platform will provide a voice and opportunity to share great ideas in the parts of the world that are now leading growth globally.

This is particularly relevant given the tremendous impact of technology that is driving swift change in how and where we work. No single supplier can define product and service solutions that can help clients address the unique challenges that this rapid change creates which is why Haworth is engaging with thought leaders, product designers and members in the communities where they operate to develop and evolve a value proposition that will support our clients.

Our partnership with Haworth Inc allows us to curate these products with ours and provide the opportunity to act as a single source supplier for delivery, after sales and warranty support.

Already joining the xFriends platform are high-profile New Zealand designers Fletcher Systems, Trubridge Design, Essenze and IQ Commercial.

Fletcher Vaughan

Fletcher Systems was established in 1999 by New Zealand designer Fletcher Vaughan. It quickly became recognized and respected both throughout New Zealand and internationally for its creative, highly original furniture, product design and more recently, public sculpture.

Fletcher Systems is a multi disciplined 3D design studio and furniture brand, specialises in the design, and supply of award winning contemporary commercial furniture.


They specialise in the design and supply of contemporary commercial furniture for office fit-outs, retail, airports, theatres and hospitality. The company also utilises its 10 years of production experience to offer a custom design and manufacturing service to commercial and domestic clients, and has recently started to support and produce other New Zealand designers work under the Fletcher Systems brand.

The variety of products Fletcher Systems undertakes sometimes allows it to bring in others from outside the studio – people who are highly regarded in their respective fields. In some cases, these are ongoing relationships built up over more than 10 years. Fletcher Systems considers these people, and their abilities, an invaluable asset to the studio and ultimately the client.

All Fletcher Systems products are proudly 100% New Zealand designed and made.


Using the word ‘design’ in isolation is too narrow to describe Essenze. They believe that design is inseparably connected to the processes of art and craft – art as a source of expression, and craft as in the shaping of materials.

All of the artefacts in the Essenze collection result from a mix of all three processes. Essenze seeks to carefully curate the collection and to communicate the stories of the designers and their passion for their work.

They work with some of the most talented and inspirational characters from around the country, with workmanship that is refined, resourceful, sleek and surprising. Their “New Zealandness” arises from our culture and history, the use of local materials and the inspiration derived from the unique landscape – water, light, earth – our landscapes and in particular our forests.


Unaffected, open, young, active and fresh: these are the words that best describe the expression of New Zealand creativity that Essenze constantly searches for. The curated design portfolio showcases a narrative of its heritage, and demonstrates the influences on a young, geographically isolated country. The contrasts within this narrative provide the fuel for creativity, and Essenze harnesses this by working with designers and artisans to manufacture works of sophisticated, edgy designs.

IQ Commercial

Operating at the intersection of research, investment and design, IQ Commercial is organised around the central concept that furniture is an investment.
Focused on the forefront of workplace strategy for cognitive workers, we strive to enhance business performance via the output side of the human productivity equation.

Share Pod

Their belief is that continued focus on cost based mitigation strategies will yield decreasing marginal gains and are a negative influence on organisational culture.

IQ’s 10 core principles are derived from extensive research, inform an innovative portfolio. Designed in collaboration with leading and award winning designers, their work and influence can be seen in the leading workplace environments throughout the Asia Pacific region.

David Trubridge

The award-winning designs of David Trubridge bring a fresh, evocative flavour of wild nature and cultures living in harmony with the land.

“My ideas come from wild places, edges of turbulence and renewal, where seas break on beaches and headlands, where land and air meet on mountain ridges.” -David Trubridge.


Second nature to David Trubridge, his distinctive designs are crafted with a deeply responsible environmental ethic, evolved out of a unique personal story. The design portfolio that David Trubridge showcases consists of a range of various products from naturally finished and upholstered furniture to intricately formed lighting designs.