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Q-R 2.1

Evolution of the Quiet-Revolution

Quiet-Revolution as we know it has experienced an evolution. The Q-R creators have made some changes to the original product and passionately present version 2.1!

What we love about the Quiet-Revolution:

– The Quiet-Revolution is a stand-alone privacy or focus capsule, designed with open plan/ABW workspace environments in mind
– It is Kiwi designed and manufactured; the NZ felted wool panel covering provides mid-level acoustic dampening qualities
– Quiet-Revolution provides privacy and a place to focus, enhancing staff well-being and productivity and also provides a cost efficient use of expensive office real-estate
– Quiet-Revolution has been specifically designed to allow the occupant to sit, spin and be completely enclosed. The high seat back closes off the entrance providing 360 of privacy
– Unlike fixed workspace areas, these moveable units do not require individual fire and air-conditioning compliance and can be taken with you should the business relocate – this improves the useable lifetime of the asset
– 100% recyclable


Q-R Internal

What’s new about the Quiet-Revolution?

– The Quiet-Revolution 2.1 is the latest addition to the Quiet-Revolution family and includes an ergonomic fold down table, power and data. Additional technology such as monitors, wireless phone charging etc. can also be catered for if specified
– At 1250mm in diameter it has a slightly larger floor pan than the original Quiet-Revolution but retains the same 1800mm height
– The sections are modular, providing a choice of colour and ease of access for installation purposes


Why you should get a Quiet-Revolution?

  • Opportunities for some seriously focussed work resulting in some of the greatest job satisfaction you can potentially experience
  • Bang for your buck it’s a great way to carve out spaces on an open plan floorplate that act as do not disturb zones
  • If you can sleep sitting upright the Quiet-Revolution is power nap heaven
  • Quiet-Revolution’s mid-frequency acoustic dampening qualities all but remove ambient sound for the user, the insulated walls providing a sense of being in the office but out of it also
  • A good place to work, make calls and Skype all in one without having to move to different locations for each of these tasks
  • No more hiding in stairwells or lurking in foyers to make calls

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