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Portal 1

A wall mounted phone booth with sound absorbing qualities.

One of our most recent projects, BizDojo Ponsonby, required the creation of a new acoustic treatment for taking phone calls.

The idea was to create an acoustically treated and wall mounted booth for residents to hold phone calls away from their workspace. We wanted something that didn’t take up a large amount of valuable floor space and activated a wall area that was potentially underutilised.


Portal 3Portal 2.0

Our South Island Manager Helen Dennis worked with BizDojo’s in house designer Bex Sullivan to come up with a concept for the product. It needed to be fit for commercial purpose, have tangible acoustic properties and look cool and inviting.

We engaged with Fletcher Design and presented them with the concept and our brief. Their experience as a well-established and globally recognised design studio made for a fitting selection on this project.

It meant we could keep the creative process local and make good use of Fletcher Design’s custom product and manufacturing service.

Fletcher Design took the concept and applied similar principals to those found in an existing FD acoustic design, “Hut”.

The new design featured a complex tapered arch hood which added a level of intricacy to the process and took some persistence to achieve.  The FD team rolled up their sleeves and let their creative excellence really shine through as they met this challenge head on and formed “Portal”. A wall mounted phone booth with sound absorbing qualities.

Portal met the brief in full and Fletcher Design delivered the entire process from concept to installed product in a short time frame in order to meet project deadlines.


Portal 4

Haworth by Europlan believes that Portal helps address the challenges of speech privacy across open plan floor plates. A user can confidently manage a conversation without feeling like they’ll be unintentionally heard by anyone in relative proximity.

Portal is available in the following specifications:

Dimensions | 1100H x 800W x 630Deep

Materials | Frame: Plywood | Hood & Back Panel: Recycled polyester sound absorbing panel

Application & Use | Have a stand up conversation in Portal – the height and design are intended to shroud the head and speech at standing height.