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Emotional connection influences behaviour and effort at work!

Martin Hoelzl has 30 years experience as a Workplace Strategist, Design Consultant, Facilitator and Entrepreneur.

We had him speak at an event in Auckland recently and he delivered a presentation on Human Centred Design.

His talk focused on designing strategies with people and not for people and inspiring change at the highest level while giving voice to those at all levels.

He covered topics such as:

  • What is the role of ‘change management’ in an employee-centric world?
  • What does employee engagement mean and how do we make it real?
  • Is it consensus by committee or the smart way to go?
  • What are the opportunities for quick and meaningful wins?

Martin has worked globally to establish strategic partnerships with large multinational companies and firmly believes the best results are obtained by adopting a human-centered approach to problem solving.

“The right answers are contingent on asking the right people the right questions!” – Human Centered Design.

Martin’s passion is co-designing new strategies that respond to complex business needs, one of these initiatives was the establishment of The Porter, 1 O’Connell Street, Sydney, a 3rd Space environment that supports collaboration and creates community amongst tenants and local businesses.

The conversation was visually recorded by the very clever and creative Jeanette Bremner and we have it here for you.