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The smarter way to furnish your business.

When an organisation looks at setting up or relocating to a new premises, leasing the floor plate is the smart way to go. When it comes to fitting that space out with furniture, traditionally that organisation would purchase it as a capital item and then depreciate it over 10-15 years.

The combination of fluid and agile workspace design, technological evolutions and an increased expectation of flexible work places, how and where we work has changed. With a downturn in traditional offices, a traditional approach to furniture procurement won’t always deliver what an organisation truly needs. Now, and in the future!

We have you covered! Europlan has partnered with an ASX listed leasing group and now offer leasing options for furniture with terms ranging from 36 to 60 months.

Whether it’s a relocatable meeting room or a multi floor fit out, we can provide practical leasing solutions to help your business grow.

Leasing gives you a simple and affordable way to invest in critical business assets, without tying up your working capital.

Why lease?

Leasing is a practical and cost effective way of acquiring critical assets while keeping the cash in your business. Rather than an upfront cost, you pay the lease back over time in fixed monthly payments.

  • Smart use of cash flow – Monthly repayments are structured to suit your operating needs, lease as you go and invest capital back into your business
  • Tax Benefits – operating leases are usually 100% tax deductible (check with your tax advisor as individual circumstances may differ)
  • Reduced risk of obsolescence – leasing allows you to refresh or upgrade your furniture when you need it, rather than waiting until the book value has been depreciated
  • It’s a fast and straightforward application process – terms and conditions apply

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