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There are only 343 sleeps until Christmas Guys! (at time of publishing).

Happy New Year!

I don’t know if there are readers among us that have dabbled in a spot of Downton Abbey watching, but the end of last year reminded me of a scene from an episode – a Christmas special in fact. It transpired that Robert Grantham wasn’t feeling quite well and stood up to leave his lavishly laid out table of 1920’s splendor and proceeded to shower his guests in blood coming from a burst stomach ulcer. Actual. Horror!

But that’s what November and December felt like. Christmas turned into Christmare. I am grateful for bone broth and a good gut health protocol because I truly believe that’s the reason I rolled into my Christmas break feeling as well as I did.

This year, to save me from tears, I’m going to do something special. We want to know what you’re up to. Do you have any plans to procure furniture? Do you want help with space planning ideas or workplace strategy? Are you thinking about relocating to a new office space?

We’ve got some cool events, product launches and knowledge sharing planned this year and our mission is to sprinkle you with inspired solutions for your life at work.

Those 8ish hours a day you spend doing what it is you love and do best, well we want to make sure you’re doing it in a way that inspires you, that makes you feel well and that ensures the future of your workplace is sorted because you’ve invested in flexible and smart solutions.

We have showrooms in Auckland, Wellington Christchurch and now Dunedin. You can come and visit us in those locations to test product, talk to us about your ideas and plans, sip coffee and see how our furniture functions in a live environment.

Outside of those main centres we’re always available via phone, email and our social media channels. We might even still have a fax machine in our Auckland office! You can also enquire if we’ve got one of our team travelling to your area in the future.

Never mind the buzz words, if you find jargon and industry speak overwhelming rest assured that our knowledge spans a great continuum. We can talk about anything from a 2 drawer filing cabinet to 14,000 square meters of uncharted corporate real estate territory.

Hopefully without causing havoc to our unsubscribe rate, we’ll be keeping you well informed and for the first quarter of this year you’ll experience a small but well intentioned increase in activity from us as we pop out invites to upcoming events.

Because we care we’ll also keep you updated about the rapid approach of Christmas 2K17. You’re welcome!

Here’s to an excellent 2017!