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6. Camber Header

Meet Camber, a dreamy and flexible system designed by IQ Commercial for PLN Group.

Camber is a curved and modular soft seating system that blends commercial function with residential sophistication. This design collaboration between IQ and PLN delivers in a style we have become accustomed to, they have thought of everything.

Spending time in a Camber setting will allow you to experience the following:

  • Acoustics – Acoustic screens and soft upholstery create better sound quality by absorbing peripheral noise; they also allow you to define space without fixed walls or partitions

3. Camber

  • Smart Tech – full internal power integration enables immediate and easy access to power sources away from the desk, enabling users to set up just about anywhere, and quickly

Camber Power

  • Ergonomic comfort – seat heights, angles and support are designed to deliver a true alternative work space and enable users to work in comfort for longer periods

7. Camber Setting

  • Soft and inviting – Camber features natural lines, flowing curves and visual lightness to create a welcoming and inspiring space

1. Camber

  • Multipurpose means frequent use – Camber offers lounging and short term task working, as well as collaboration for planned and spontaneous meetings

9. Camber Concave

The system is intentionally and thoughtfully designed to support diverse working styles, from small to large collaborative groups to individual focus work, with no compromise on comfort or ergonomics. It’s ergonomically designed seat successfully addresses safety and ease when working away from the desk.

Because you can comfortably spend a couple of hours in a Camber setting, it gives you plenty of time to admire the timber legs with their three metal fitting colour options.

Camber is light and easy to reconfigure into new settings. Pieces slide and lock together to offer numerous configurations and flexibility, based on a combination of straight, concave and convex modular units.

Pair Camber with the Enterprise Laptop Table! Enterprise is perfect for use as a short term worktop or touchdown point, it provides an ideal spot to rest a laptop, coffee or to take notes. It’s sturdy, cantilevered design is easily maneuvered to stand on its own or to be nested together in a group for collaborative work.

Enterprise  Laptop Table

Contact us to get creative with ergonomic comfort and colour, and for pricing and lead times. You can also view the Camber Brochure here.