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Q-R 2.0 Green Sequence High Res

Sometimes wish you could work in a library?

We love vibrant and collaborative open-plan workspaces. But do you sometimes wish you could just get everyone to just shut the front door! Did you know that the Quiet-Revolution can reduce ambient noise levels of a busy open-plan workspace to the equivalent of a library? Sshhhhh, can it?

At Auckland University’s Acoustic Labs we recently tested how well the Quiet-Revolution reduces surrounding ambient noise. In propeller-head speak: Starting with 55dBA externally, sitting inside the Quiet-Revolution reduces noise levels to around 45dBA. This drop of 10dBA represents a halving of perceived noise levels. Or put more simply, that’s the same as turning an average open-plan office in to a typical library!

Isn’t it time you joined the Quiet-Revolution?

Library Revolution