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Portal 1

A wall mounted phone booth with sound absorbing qualities.

Our People | Debbie Watson

20 years

Happy 20 Years Debbie!

Designing for Speech Privacy

Acoustic White paper

Privacy, and the ability to concentrate, are essential for individual focus work as well as private collaboration.

Human Centered Design


Emotional connection influences behaviour and effort at work!

What Are Office Leaners All About?

Leaner Article

Dale Patterson, Design Strategist and founder of Jurnee Design Studio shares with us his thoughts on why Leaners play such an integral part of the modern office landscape.

Haworth by Europlan – Furniture Leasing


The smarter way to furnish your business.

Huddle-Buddle & Sully

Huddle Table

Furniture relationship goals!


6. Camber Header

Meet Camber, a dreamy and flexible system designed by IQ Commercial for PLN Group.

Air3 Pods

Air3 Pods

We’ve had them for 5 years, so what’s new?

Workplace Wellness Poster

Wellness Header

Can we help you splash some Wellness reminders around your workplace?

Collaboration Profiles | Landscape

Landscape 1

Landscape is one range that provides more flexibility and functionality.



It’s good to have a little friend in the office!


EP Thanks

We have arrived at the end of 2017 and it’s been an excellent vintage!

Back Health

Fern Promoting Back Health

Don’t Sit Still: Promoting Back Health While Seated.

CoWorkr – Build Better Workspaces


How Embedded Sensors will Transform Workplace Performance, Employee Engagement, and Facility Management.

Pivot has Arrived!

Idea Paint Pivot

Great ideas can come from anywhere. So these pieces go everywhere.

Fern Chair | Product Launches


Save a date near you! For the launch of the Fern Chair.



The Intuitive Seating Experience.

Idea Paint | Boundless

Pivot Idea Paint

Great ideas can come from anywhere.

Coming Soon!

Fern 4

A NEW MOVEMENT- Easy, natural, and unhindered — Fern is in tune with your every move.

How to make open plan offices work


We recently hosted a series of educational sessions in conjunction with Orange box and Acoustics expert Colin Rawlings to discuss acoustics in the workplace. Colin has over 13 years experience, specialising in solutions to prevent or solve acoustic issues in the workplace.

Master the ABC’s of Acoustics

Are you Overdue for a Revolution?

Q-R 2.0 Green Sequence High Res

Sometimes wish you could work in a library?

Humanity and the Machine

Humanity and the Machine

Where Are We Going? CoreNet Global NZ’s 2017 Symposium Line-Up

Focus on Acoustics


There is a buzz about acoustics right now, well a quiet hum if you’ve done it right.